Mohammed Chahim

Mohammed Chahim

Dr. Mohammed Chahim (1985) is a Member of the European Parliament for the Dutch social democrats. He is a member of the committee on environment, health and food safety and the committee on industry research and energy. He is Vice-President of the S&D group, responsible for climate & energy policies and the European Green Deal. Previously, he worked as a researcher in environmental economics and energy transition at the Dutch organization for applied scientific research (TNO).

Mohammed joined the Dutch Labor Party (Partij van de Arbeid) when he was 18 and started his political career in 2006 as a member of the municipal council in his hometown. From 2014 up to his election to the European Parliament, he led the local group of his party in Helmond. Mohammed Chahim was the Rapporteur on the legislative proposal for a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). He is candidate for the next European elections.

MEP, PvdA Netherlands

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