Kata Tüttő

Kata Tüttő

Kata Tutto is a Hungarian Social Democratic politician and member of the European Committee of the Regions (COR). Since November 2019, she has served as the Deputy Mayor of Budapest, responsible for utility management, including waste, water, district heating, sewage, street lighting, public transport grey and green infrastructure. Additionally, she is the Vice-Chair of the Environment, Climate Change, and Energy Commission of the COR,   the Vice-Chair of the Hungarian Socialist Party, and a member of the PES presidency. Leading the list of MSZP for the European elections in Hungary. 

Deputy Mayor of Budapest, Member of the PES Group in the CoR, Lead candidate to the EU elections, MSZP

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Fringe meeting – “Understanding right-wing populism and what to do about it”, S&D Group, PES COR, FEPS