11:00 - 12:30

FEPS fringe meeting – “The future of the European project: enlargement versus deepening?”

The history of the European project has been marked by key decisions on enlargement and deepening, shaping decisively the EU’s construction. At the current juncture, we are again confronted with key choices. What is the major issue? Is it about choosing between enlargement or deepening or rather about doing both at the same time with a new approach? Moreover, how should a new approach for combining enlargement and deepening look like? And finally, which approach should be advocated by progressive forces across Europe?

On the one hand important decisions were already taken to prepare a new wave of enlargement, including the Western Balkans, Georgia, Moldovia, and the Ukraine. On the other hand, several EU institutions are calling for a Convention and some key EU Treaty changes to drive forward the deepening of the European project. In addition, the recent speech of Chancellor

Olaf Scholz at the Charles University in Prague addressed important ideas advancing the European project in the above directions.

The Foundation for European and Progressive Studies (FEPS) is inviting you to take part in this challenging and important discussion on the future of Europe.


Introduction and Moderation by FEPS President Maria João Rodrigues

  1. The Enlargement Imperative
  • Radmila Šekerinska – Former Minister of Defense of North Macedonia, former Vice-President of SDUM
  • Andreas Schieder – Member of the European Parliament and Leader of the SPÖ Delegation, Chair of the Global Progressive Forum and FEPS Next Left
  • Mercedes Bresso – Former Member of the European Parliament and President of the European Committee of the Regions

2. The Deepening Imperative

  • Jo Leinen – Former Member of the European Parliament and Chair of EP Key Committees
  • Stefan Collignon – London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • Domènec Rui Devesa – Member of the European Parliament

Q&A Session

Conclusion by FEPS President Maria João Rodrigues